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Stóra-Dímon Mountain


Stóri-Dímon (Stóra-Dímon) is a lonely mountain standing on the flat plains in front of the Markarfljót river valley. The mountain formed during a volcanic eruption underneath a glacier hundreds of thousands of years ago. The surrounding has been flattened out by the Glacier river Markarfljót, and massive glacier outbursts related to volcanic activities for a long period of time. 

Though the mountain is not big only about 120 meters high, then there is a beautiful view from the top of it.

To the north is the Glacier and Volcano Tindfjallajökull, to the east glacier Mýrdalsjökull and the volcano Katla, as well as the Glacier and volcano Eyjafjallajökull. And if you look south you should see the Vestmannaeyjar islands in front of the coastline, also a volcano. 

So four volcanoes, and three glaciers, are not to bad. 

If you are staying in Eyvindarholt Hill house and Cabins you have Stór-Dímon in front of you. If you like to walk or run then it is about 4 kilometres one way to Stóri-Dímon.


Directions from Eyvindarholt Hill House and Cabins:

As said before, you can walk or run from Eyvinarholt Hill House and Cabins to Stóri-Dímon, about 4 kilometres one way, you can follow an old road. If you like to drive you to need to head for the main road, turn right and head west on the main road for 5 minutes. Then turn right to Dímonarvegur, number 250 and drive the gravel road for 5 minutes until you reach the mountain, turn right to a trial in front of the mountain.

Stór-Dímon Location: GPS: 63° 40.484' -19° 56.793'

Difficulty level: Easy

Walking distance (one way): 300 m

Estimated walking time (one way): 20 to 30 minutes

Location Map and Pictures


Pictures from Stóra - Dímon and surroundings

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