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Merkurker ravine


Merkurker is a beautiful ravine on the way to Þórsmörk valley, just a little bit further than Nauthúsagil ravine. 

Merkurker does not seem to be an interesting place looking towards it from the road but as you get closer it just gets better. 

The Ravine is high but open and there is a nice small river running through, called Sauðá. The Markurker Ravine is closed by the mountain and a sandhill. The river is flowing underneath the mountain. The walking trail is over the sandhill. On the top of the sandhill, you get a great view across the Markarfljót river and the river valley on one side but on the other side, you have a view over the Merkurker ravine. 

If you follow the trail into Merkurker you will just be more amazed. Future you have big rocks and in the end, a waterfall falling into the ravine.

There is a table close to the sandhill inside the ravine that is a perfect place for a picnic. 

Directions from Eyvindarholt Hill House and Cabins:

Merkurker is on Þórsmerkurvegur road number 249, Merkurker is about 8 km from Eyvindarholt Hill House and Cabins. The road is a gravel road and if you have a small car you should not try to cross the river Sauðá. You can park your car by the Þórsmerkurvegur road and follow the Sauðá river for about 600 meters until you reach the sandhill and the ravine. If you are on the west side of the river you need to cross it before going into the ravine. 


Dyrhóley Location: GPS: 63° 40.270' -19° 48.638'

Difficulty level: Medium

Walking distance: The distance from Þórsmerkurvegur to Merkurker is about 600 meters. And the distance inside the ravine is about the same. 

Estimated walking time (one way): Two to three hours should be good for the whole tour.

Parking Location Map:

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