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Seljavallalaug Geothermal Pool


The geothermal pool Seljavallalaug has for a long time been the place for romantic meetings for the locals. The pool was built from 1922 to 1923 and was at the time the biggest swimming pool in Iceland. The surrounding of the pool makes it very special. Half of the pool is built into the mountain where geothermal water is flowing out and into the pool.

In the old days, it was the only warm swimming pool in the area and a lot of young people went there every spring to learn how to swim. People stayed there for many days in tents with their teachers. 

The pool was also at some times the place for late-night parties for the locals. The pool is owned by the local sports club (Ungmennafélagið Eyfellingu). But it is not only the history that makes the Seljavallalug geothermal pool so interesting.

It is located underneath the famous glacier and volcano Eyjafjalljökull in a small valley by a beautiful river surrounded by high mountains and interesting rock formations. Behind the pool are hot springs flowing out from the mountain. 

Directions from Eyvindarholt Hill House and Cabins:

Drive for about 25 kilometres on the main road towards the east, and turn left onto road Raufarfellsvegur, number 242. Drive on road 242 to Seljavellir. The parking is by a pool owned by the farmer from there you have to walk to the Seljavallalaug geothermal pool.


Seljavallaug Location: GPS: 63° 34.003' -19° 36.376'

Difficulty level: Easy

Walking distance (one way): 1,2 km

Estimated walking time (one way): 30 to 40 minutes

Location Map:


Pictures from Seljavallalaug Geothermal pool and surroundings

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