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Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajökull

Iceland is the perfect place for creating unforgettable memories – it offers almost everything you can imagine – constantly changing landscape, breath-taking ocean views, countless waterfalls, thermal pools, beautiful beaches, majestic canyons, serene lagoons, picturesque valleys, active volcanoes … and significant glaciers. There is a plenty of options where to go and how to navigate your trip. If you are looking for adrenaline-fuelled activity to add to your list, we may have a tip for you.

Discovering Iceland from above provides a unique outlook on its captivating landscape. And what better way to experience it than ascending to the summit of Iceland's most famous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, covered with an icecap that shares its name, in a snowmobile adventure.

It was a beautiful winter day in March, and we were lucky to have clear skies and good weather. We gathered at the base, were provided with winter uniforms and helmets. Jeeps were waiting to take us to the snowy area, and once we had the gear needed, they navigated us through a challenging mountain road, some might argue it was not a road at all, to reach the snowmobiles parked at our destination. Our guide gave us instructions on how to operate the snowmobiles and ensured our safety.

Once we were all set, we hopped on the snowmobiles and began our ride through the snow. Our goal was to reach the top of a glacier that was also near the location of a volcanic eruption in 2010. As we rode, we enjoyed the stunning views of the snowy landscape. The mountains were covered in snow and shimmered in the sunlight.

Finally, we reached the top of the glacier and the view was incredible. We could see the Vestmannaeyjar (Vestman Islands) in the distance, the vast ocean stretching endlessly, the whole south coast and even part of the highlands. The guide shared interesting facts about the area and its geology. We took some pictures to capture the moment before heading back down to the jeeps.

Descending the slopes, we couldn't believe what an adventure we had just experienced. The combination of the ride, the nature, and the informative guide made it a truly unforgettable snowmobiling trip.

Lastly, your tour will be truly complete once you master the pronunciation of Eyjafjallajökull, just like an Icelander.


Before your snowmobile adventure, remember to pack insulated winter gloves and warm outdoor clothing to ensure your comfort in the chilly conditions.

Consider bringing a selfie stick or a GoPro to easily capture stunning videos or pictures, especially in more challenging conditions.

While snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajökull is suitable for everyone, please note that the driver must have a valid driving license.


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