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Volcanic eruption in Iceland - Reykjanes in Geldingadalur valley

A volcanic eruption has started in Iceland. The volcano is located near the town Grindavík on the Reykjanes peninsula. It looks like the eruption will be a small one, the volcanic fissure is believed to be around 500 meters long and lava is flowing two directions from the eruption. It is located inside a small valley called Geldingadalur so it is believed that the lava flow will not affect nearby towns or farms. 

The Reykjanes peninsula is a part of the active volcanic zone in Iceland with a number of volcanoes. The volcanoes in Reykjanes have not been active for about 800 years so now scientists believe this could be a new capture in the volcanic zone of this part of Iceland. 

The active started for a few weeks ago with thousands of earthquakes and magma pushing through the crust. So this was expected but no one could tell if it would reach through the ground or not.

It will be interesting to see how this volcanic eruption will develop in size and time. 

You can see the location of the volcanic eruption near Grindavík here:





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